Tips for Traveling with Essential Oils

I just took a trip to New Orleans and so I had everything fresh in my mind I thought I would run down what essential oils and supplements I take with me when I am traveling.

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Transcript from video:

Yes, I do bring my big case like this, and I check my luggage. I usually check my luggage because I usually always have a ton of food with me. If you follow me, you know I have food allergies, so I always bring a lot with me just to make sure I’m not hungry. Many might freak out when they see I check a case of 20+ oils, but each one of these oil bottles only has about 10 drops of oil in it. It’s a great way to reuse your old bottles and I like using extra bottles instead of like the little drams they’re just so much easier to get the oils out.

Once you start using oils and you use them more and more, it’s like you can leave home with less and less. You have to bring a lot. I have pretty much bring staples that I have that I use every day. Peace and calming is always a great one to diffuse at night in the hotel room. Frankincense because well it’s frankincense and it has a ton of uses. I always bring jade lemon, because I put it in my water. Palo Santo is a really good one that I use a lot for my EoE symptoms, so I always have that one. Panaway because, you know what, I’m at a convention. I’m going to be walking a whole lot, so I’m going to probably need that on my feet later.

Clarity, again, I am at a convention and I’m speaking, so I want to have that one to help speak clearly and not lose my train of thoughts. Lavender, because again it has so many uses. Lavender and lemongrass are also really great ones to diffuse when you’re trying to just relax in your hotel room. I don’t usually bring trauma life but I lost my kitty this week, so having a little bit of troubles with that, so that’s why I brought trauma life with me. Cedarwood oil is another great one that I use for sleep. Grapefruit is another one that I use for my water.

I always, always take DiGize, which I use in capsules every day. A little trick that I do is I bring the capsules and I bring the oil, but I have grapeseed oil in this little dropper bottler. I’m going to try and open it with one hand. It makes it super easy to drop the grapeseed oil in that little capsule. Then, plus it’s this nice little handy bottle, and it fits into my case, so I use that one.

I always bring a little foamer bottle of my Thieves hand cleaner because I don’t really like using the triclosan and crappy soap that they have here. Plus, I also hate using just the soap for two days and then leaving it here. It’s just a waste, so I just carry this little foam battle with me. As far as supplements and stuff, Ningxia Red. Got to have your Ningxia Red, gives you energy, supports eight different systems. It’s also wonderful if, again, I’m at a convention. We have a banquet. I’m going to be doing a little drinking, so it’s awesome to take some of these beforehand. It’ll keep you going, keep you awake, and it’ll help you the next morning too.

MindWise is another one again because of my digestive issues and stuff. I use that one. I love that it comes in these little packets now because then, I can bring it with. I take probiotics all the time. I obviously couldn’t bring the other ones because they were the Life 9 ones because they’re in my fridge, but these are nice little packets, and they’re prebiotic and a probiotic, so they’re great for just hanging in your purse. Essentialzymes 4s, again, I’m in a different place. I’m going to be eating a lot of different foods, so digestive enzymes are like my savior. I have all that. I have more food. I’ve got some other teas and stuff in there.

I always travel with like a glass bottle. This one is super nice. My bestie gave this. Thank you, Melissa. It’s got like this down here, you could the loose tea in. I love loose tea. I don’t like using the tea with the cotton packets because there’s more contamination crap. I always bring one of these with me. I found this on Amazon. I think it was like only 20 bucks. It is a foldable little tea kettle so you can make hot water in it. I love it because … How about if I go over and show you the coffeemaker? It’s a disgusting mess. Then, I also bring extra food. For anybody who is gluten-free, these are awesome. It’s little oatmeal on a squeeze bucket. What I’ll do is I’ll heat up the water, and then I’ll just stick this little pouch and the water to warm it up, and it’s really, really good. That’s from Munk Pack. I got them at Target. You can get them Jewel now. You can get them online on Amazon. Slique shakes are always great. I’m doing the Slique challenge, but I like to take the Slique shakes with me again because I never know if I’m going to find something I could eat. This is a great way just to have a meal with me.

Those are the ones that I check. I want to show you, I also bring these on the plane. These, I had in my … These will zip up really nice, and they go on my purse. I actually did not take them out to get them scanned, and they didn’t stop me. That’s not saying they won’t stop you, but they’re in these little drams so you can … the little tiny ones, so you can definitely stick them in a one-gallon bag and put them through the x-ray. Stress Away is my go-to for travel. I take this every time. Next time you’re on a plane, put a little bit of this behind your ears. You will not believe how much this helps. Somebody told me that, and I’m like, “What? Stress Away? Okay.” Believe me, try it next time. Put a little Stress Away behind your ears before you take off. Sometimes, during the flight too, I have to reapply it because it just helps so much with my ears. Then, I just got all my little ones that I usually bring with. This is kind of just my everyday little ones that come with me, and that one’s just lavender.

The other thing I always, always travel with is a diffuser. This is my little travel one. I got this one on Amazon. I think it was only 20 bucks or something, but it’s so nice. It’s nice and flat, so it fits in your suitcase really nice. I used to bring my Dewdrop, but I was always afraid of it’s going to be broken or lost, and then I’m out pretty good money, so this one, if in case it gets lost or broken, whatever, it’s only like 20 bucks. Actually, it works really nice. I’ll put a link below in the descriptions. That’s it, guys. I am going to head out and explore a little bit. I have just about an hour before we start our conference. I’m going to see a little bit of New Orleans because I’ve never been here. All right. I’ll see you later. Bye.


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