Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

I am happy to say that our Master bathroom remodel is finally finished!!

Wow, what a difference a few months makes. I look back at the before photos and can’t believe how much this bathroom transformed. It was such a white sterile feeling bathroom and now it’s so inviting and comforting…even with all the stone. I will admit I was a bit nervous making it all slate, but I absolutely LOVE it!! I even love the uneven shower floor that my contractor thinks I am nuts for choosing 🙂

It still needs a few more decor additions here and there but for the most part, it’s done! Phew!

Thanks to Better Built Remodeling for doing the heavy lifting and to Insignia Stone for doing our countertop.

Master bath remodel - corner tub


before photo of master bath

Before photo of master bath tub

I am so glad to be rid of that huge tub. I have used our new smaller tub more times in the past 2 weeks than I did our old tub over the last 3 years!

After photo of bathroom remodel

After photo of bathroom remodel

I love how the GloLite candle really glows in the corner of the tub. It’s so spa like when I take baths.

PartyLite GloLite candle

One of my favorite finds was this chandelier for above the tub. This is actually supposed to be an outdoor porch light but I thought it was perfect. As a bonus, I picked this up for $25!!

Bathroom chandelier

You may also notice that little white box on the wall, that is actually a controller for our floor heat. At first, I really thought this was a total waste of money, but now that we have it, I love it! We purchased it from Lowe’s and I think it was about $200 total for the mat that goes under the tile and the controller. It’s so nice to step on warm tiles when you get out of the shower. And speaking of did you notice there is no shower door? That’s right we opted to try a shower without a door. I do think the shower area is a little less steamy and warm without it but it’s so nice not to have to clean it. We have well water and our shower door always had that rusty film on it and I am SOOO glad to get rid of that.

Bathroom remodel

walk in shower

(sorry for the shadows on this pic)

walk in shower




I still need a few photos for the walls in the toilet room.  Just not sure what kind of decor to put in there… any ideas?


Hidden classic… yep in that cabinet is our hamper. I love having it hidden, keeps the bathroom looking tidy.


I found this bird cage at Michaels and just dressed it up with a few flower stems and a bow. As a bonus I tucked in some PartyLite’s scent sticks in the back of the flowers so it keeps the bathroom smelling fresh. There are a few scent sticks in the flower arrangement in the toliet room too.


Money Saving tips for this bathroom remodel:

  • I used the existing cabinets and painted them (see post here for the how to)
  • Bought through ebates.com and used a Lowes coupon I bought on ebay
  • Did as much as we could
  • used Pintrest for ideas and DIY projects
  • Used a professional for the start. Yes I consider this one a money saving tip because it would have costed us so much more in damages or wrong materials because we didn’t know what we were doing.

See these posts for more details on the bathroom remodel:

So now that the bathroom has outclassed the rest of my house I guess it’s on to a bedroom make over next (yes it’s in pretty bad shape)…


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