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You may have heard of the benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps but what about Sole?

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For years we have been taught salt is bad for us. While this is true about most table salt, there are forms of salt that actually have many health benefits. Table salt goes through a process where it is heated to 1200+ degrees and is made of 2.5% chemicals. The heat alters the natural structure and well then there is chemicals, need I say more?

Let me introduce you to this type of Himalayan salt therapy.

For the past 6 months, I have been trying something called Sole. Himalayan Sole (pronounced Solay) is a concentrated salt water solution that releases 84 different minerals! It’s super easy and cheap to make. Grab a jar, some good quality Himalayan salt chunks (or ground) and some filtered water.

The benefits of Himalayan salt sole include:

  • Can improve sleep by supporting blood sugar and hormone balance
  • Contains magnesium
  • Natural antihistamine
  • Helps balance your pH and detoxify the body
  • Supports thyroid and adrenal function
  • Improves hydration by providing trace minerals
  • Increases energy by supporting the adrenal glands
  • Helps to stimulate the digestive system to work more regularly and absorb nutrients better

What you need to make sole:

Or just grab this great Sole starter kit

How to make sole:

  • Take the salt and place it in the jar. If you are using ground salt fill up about 1/4 of the jar.
  • Add filtered water to the jar
  • Cap and slightly shake
  • Let it sit 12-24 hours. There still should be some salt in the jar, if not you need to add more. When there is salt still in the jar it means the water is fully saturated.

Important: don’t use a metal lid! It will interact with your mixture and ruin it.

How do you take sole?

Take 1-2 tsp from the top of the jar and put in a glass of water. It’s been said it’s best to take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

That’s it, easy peasy! When the water goes down just add more in. If the salt runs out then add in more salt. This can be stored at room temperature.

So where can you get sole?

You can make your own from your own items or I got my Sole Starter kit from So Well Made. It’s a company that I have purchased Salt lamps from in the past and I trust them for their quality.


Resources to find out more:

Check out this great video by Dr. Mercola about the benefits and differences of the different types of salt.

Salt Lamp Gifts

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