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March PopSugar Must Have Box Review

So I have been seeing a few of my fellow bloggers mentioning PopSugar and this #musthavebox. After seeing all the great stuff they were getting I decided to splurge and get me one box at least (probably turning into more now!). I found a coupon (REFER5 for $5 off) and I used eBates (additional 3% rebate) so my first box came to roughly about $36. Yes this is an item I bought it was not given to me, I’m reviewing because I really like it.

Let me tell you there is way over $36 worth of items in here! This box is over $150.


My most favorite item about of this box is the gold watch from Nanette Lepore, it’s so pretty! The face is a little big for me but it reminds me of the watches we used to wear in the 80’s so I like it, remember Swatches? 🙂


My second favorite item has to be these cookies…I was so shocked to see they included some Gluten Free cookies, it was like the box was made for me!


The next item was probably my least favorite. I really don’t like it as a necklace but I am dieing to make it into a planner charm, I think it would look so pretty on my EC Life Planner 🙂


The next time is something that is nice for pampering, hello toothpaste.


The next items are a gift card for some tampons from Lola and some Pixi makeup. Great for those upcoming summer road trips!


This last item is a great plastic craft and glass. This is going to be perfect for the camper!



Overall I really liked getting this special treat and as long as our budget will allow it I think I am going to keep the supscription going. The best thing is that if there is something you don’t like you can gift it. Even if you gift half of it you will are getting your money’s worth because there is well over the $39 value in each one!

If you are ready to pamper yourself head on over to musthave.popsugar.com and be sure to use REFER5 to get $5 off. If you are an eBates member be sure to head there first to get a 3% rebate.


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