Help Fran Drescher Wipe Out Cancer In a Generation

I was asked if I would help spread the word about a new campaign from the Cancer Schmancer Movement. For me it was a no-brainer and I am very excited to support and spread the word of this movement. A few years back I lost my dad to the cancer monster, I miss him greatly each and every day. Everyone has their time on this earth and his was cut short, what bothers me is that we could have prevented it. There is no question that cancer is growing stronger and stronger every day.
Currently 1 in every 4 deaths is due to cancer, scary right?!! The other scary fact, only 10% of cancers are caused by genetics which means you have 90% control wether you get sick or not. My father was a smoker and ultimately that is what gave him cancer, the other downfall is that he waited…he waited way to long to quite smoking, he waited way to long to go to the doctor to find out the cough he had for 6 months was indeed cancer. I waited to long to find out what cancer was really about. Since the time that they sent him home to ‘die in piece’ I have been researching and researching answers as to why cancer is so popular now.

frontdvd(2)We already know cancer grows in us due to toxins in our bodies. We get little bits from everywhere… the food we eat, cleaners we use, beauty products and so on. Most homes in American have about 62 toxic chemicals in them! We need to wake up and start using better products. The Cancer Schmancer site has a great fun way to gather your friends together and Trash Cancer. It all starts by educating yourself about what you are using and putting in/on your body. When you sign up to host a party you get access to all kinda of great resources and fun things to do at the party.

Now Fran and her gang are starting a new program in the movement aimed at school age children. I love that she is starting with educating the next generation. If they are going to be the next generation we need them to be better than us. The funds that they are raising through this campaign will go toward the pilot launch on Earth Day 2015 at two schools in the Los Angeles area. Following the in-school presentation, students will be encouraged to learn more on their own with takeaway projects that they can do both at school and at home with their parents.

So please take a moment and check out the campaign on Indiegogo. Donate and get some cool items, like have Fran Drescher record your voice mail greeting! If you can make a monetary donation please do some social sharing. Everything helps

I’ve also lost an aunt and grandmother to cancer. Here is a photo of my dad and me at my wedding… we had a backyard wedding with 7″ of rain… it was a blast! 


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    Thanks for spreading the words, Jen!

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