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Best Houseplants to Purify Your Home

When it comes to bang for the buck, houseplants earn their keep.

From lilies to snake plants, houseplants purify the air and look good doing it. A little greenery can provide relief from asthma and seasonal allergies and cleanse toxins generated by the appliances and chemicals we use every day. Even a small potted cactus the size of a coffee mug can create a relaxing ambiance and make the air a bit cleaner. Here are some of the top plants to add to your home for fresher air and a better mood.


Aloe Plant

Truly an overachiever, the aloe plant is a perennial favorite for its healing and purifying abilities. The aloe gel helps alleviate pain from cuts and burns. The plant is also one of the top performers in cleansing the air of allergens and chemical byproducts. What’s more, the leaves act as an indicator of the air quality: brown signifies significant concentrations of harmful particles. Make sure your aloe plant gets plenty of sunlight, and it will thank you.

English Ivy

Renowned for its unparalleled ability to filter formaldehyde, the English ivy is also one of the most versatile houseplants. As a member of the ivy family, it can grow hanging from a pot, along the floor, or across a shelf. Trim it down to your preferred size, or let it sprawl freely – the choice is yours. English ivy grows best in a temperate climate with moderate sunshine.

Rubber Tree

A rubber tree adds a festive mood to any home. The latex extracted from this tree’s trunk is the primary component of rubber, hence its name. The tree is an excellent air purifier and wonderfully low maintenance. It thrives in dark, cool climates and needs little sunshine to keep doing its thing.

Peace Lily

The subtle beauty of the peace lily can add tranquility to any room in your home. Like the rubber tree, peace lilies thrive in cool, shaded climates and require little maintenance. Don’t let its dainty appearance fool you; this houseplant is a powerhouse when it comes to cutting down toxins in the air.

Red-Edged Dracaena

Sporting festive colors, this gorgeous plant can grow well past 15 feet, making it a commanding presence in your home. The red-edged Dracaena is adept at filtering out formaldehyde and xylene, harmful compounds commonly found in household cleaners. Give this plant plenty of sunshine if you want it to reach its full potential.

Snake Plant

A cluster of long, broad leaves give the snake plant its name. The plant is most active during the night when it swaps carbon dioxide for oxygen. This pot of snakes can thrive in dark, cool, and dry conditions. Place a couple in the living room for ambiance, or add one to the bedroom for easier breathing throughout the night.

No matter the size of your home, adding a few houseplants can make a world of difference. You’ll breathe easier, stress less, and enjoy the aesthetics and ambiance. Pick up a few plants today and reap the benefits.

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