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Hi there! I'm Jen and I have been a Wildtree consultant for over a year now. I love the fact that I can sell a product that I enjoy and use daily myself and that even with all my food allergies and diet restrictions that I have shortcuts again! The freezer meal workshops really take the stress out of dinner time and I'm under my food budget. This has been one of the best companies I have worked for, their vales and respect to the entrepreneur are amazing. For me it's more than just making money, I'm helping others make healthy choices and save money!  See my post on how much healthier our taco seasoning is versus the store brand....and the cost saving!

Best of all is Wildtree projects are organic, GMO free, no preseratives, no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, peanut free and 80% are certified Gluten Free so you can be sure you are selling high qualities food items.

Wildtree is a consumable and customers love the products so they return for more!

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FAQs about Wildtree:

How much can I make work for Wildtree?

This is pretty much up to you! As a new rep, you will make between 25% and 32%, based on your sales volume that month. As a team leader, you will make 40% plus 12% of the sales volume of any reps you sponsor.There are also bonuses that Wildtree runs from time to time.

Are there quotas?

Wildtree has a quarterly $350 quota. So to stay active you need to sell $350 every 3 months.... that's really only one party!

What kind of training do I get for being a Wildtree Constulant?

The company has a whole online library of online videos plus video conference calls. When you sign under my team you will also get additional training and one on one consulting from me!


What do my hostesses earn?

After a party hits $200 your hostess will get 15% in free product, plus opportunity to go up to 20% in free items. PLUS half price items too. When they have a Freezer Meal Party, they just need 6 guests to get their items FREE!

How much does it cost to join Wildtree?

Start up cost is only $49.95 plus shipping! You get everything pictured below to give your business a great start.Your starter kit has enough for 8 parties!

And as a BONUS for joining my team I will send you a set of personal business cards to help you off!

And as a Double BONUS you will also received professional designed materials that you can easily brand with your information and website.

How many Wildtree Reps are there?

There are about 18,000 consultants currently for Wildtree. Compare that to Avon's 6.4 million and 31 gifts' 170,000 and you can tell there is definitely lots of room to grow! Get started today in this rapidly growing company.


What is in the Wildtree Business Kit


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